SIF WELD MTS 300 5M Package

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The SifWeld MTS 300 power source is an electronically controlled MIG/MAG/MMA industrial welding power source featuring IGBT inverter technolog. Unit is available to allow use in MIG applications.

Package includes

  • SIF Weld MTS 4-roll wire feeder
  • SIF Weld MTS IC cable 35mm2 5M
  • SIF Weld MTS MIG Trolley 4W
  • SIFGUN 300A MIG 12FT/4M Euro
  • Earth clamp and cable 50MMx5M
  • 1S 2G Argon Reg BTM entry long
  • Hose Clip 9/16(13-15mm)(6MM Hose)
  • 3/8 BSP Hose nut RH
  • 5/16 Hose Tail (3/8 Nut)
  • Manuals - SIF Weld MTS300-400 & SIF Weld Trolley