Which Electrodes for Which Metal?

The humble electrode is often the unsung hero of the welding process, and there are often questions about which sort you should be using forw hich jobs. Factors to be considered when making your choice include the electrode’s base metal type, joint fit-upand welding positions. Just as crucial to know are which metals and surfaces will be welded on in the process; after all, getting the right electrode needed can make or break the entire process


When working with steel, there are a variety of different-coated electrodes which could do the job. Ideal for use on structural steel and general fabrication for example is the SifTRODE 6013-Rrange from Weldability Sif. Versatile and rutile-coated, these electrodes will interest all those working in multi-position operations. Basic-coated electrodes meanwhile are perfect for unalloyed and low alloyed structural steels.The mild steel SifTRODE 7018-VP electrodes are a perfect example, and they also produce a very low hydrogen content deposit (below 5ml/100g) with recovery of about 118%.The SifTRODE Spezial meanwhile is an example of a double coated electrode.Rutile-basic and universal, it is ideal for any jobs involving pipelines and steel construction. Its double coating results instable, concentrated and direct arc, and it’s the perfect electrode for joint penetrations and welding in difficult positions.

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For repairing copper and copper tin bronzes, brasses and phosphor bronzes, an ideal choice is the SifTRODE Bronze CuSn.Thanks to its basic tin bronze coating, this electrode is suitable for surfacing on brasses, wrought bronzes (CuSn), mild steel and cast steel


Moving onto aluminium, the Siftrode ALUSi12can be used for rapidly joining cast aluminium alloys. Recommended for joining broken gear parts or other casting parts, it’s ideal for repair or rebuilding parts on the weld.


When cold welding grey malleable cast ironand joining cast iron with steel, you can choose between the SifTRODE Cast Niand Cast NiFe electrodes. The former are cast iron MMA electrodes coming with pure nickel core wire, and are suitable for welding in all popular positions. The Cast NiFe option meanwhile works the same but using a NiFe bimetal core wire instead. It also comes with high welding speed and almost zero spatter whilst being able to easily remove slag from the weld. Finally, for elements exposed on heavy impact and medium abrasion is theSifTRODE HF600. This is a hard facing general purpose electrode providing 57 –62 HRC hardness, making for one tough cookie in the welding bay. You will always find the right consumable for any weld at betterWeld - Powered by Weldability-Sif