Gas Flow Tester

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Starparts G Tech Gas Flow Tester

  • Professional Flow Tester
  • Peashooter Style Operation
  • Flowmeter tester scaled from 0 - 25 litres per minute in one litre graduations
  • Simply place the tester over the MIG or TIG gas nozzle/ceramic and the gas flow is measured from the top of the ball
  • Suitable for use on all gases.
  • Allows for accurate setting of gas directly from the torch if no flowmeter is attached to the regulator
  • Designed to accurately check the gas flow on TIG or MIG torches.

Flow Guide

The general recommendations for MIG welding are around 7-12 litres per minute for mild steel solid wires, higher for stainless and aluminium at around 16-20 litres per minute and TIG welding approximately 6-12 litres per minute irrespective of the material.