Complaints Procedure Policy


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Complaints Procedure

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1.0 Introduction


 “We value your custom and require your feedback, good or bad.  If you are unhappy with anything to do with your learning experience, please raise the issue with a member of staff.  This won’t hurt you or us if we know about it and deal with it efficiently and effectively.”


2.0 Complaints Procedure


If you have an issue that you feel you need to raise:


  • Speak to the member of staff concerned, you may get a resolution quickly and informally.
  • Complaints can be raised with the ESFA by telephone or by email. They are contactable at:
    • Telephone 08000 150 600
    • Email


If you have spoken to the member of staff but are not satisfied:


  • Put your complaint in writing ensuring that you have dated it.
  • Address your complaint to the Administration Manager and send to them. This needs to happen within 5 days of the incident.
  • Admin will log your complaint and acknowledge receipt of it within 3 working days. At this point you will be informed of the name and contact number of the person dealing with your complaint.


2.1 Stage 1


The complaint will be passed to the IQA who will arrange to discuss your complaint with you, investigate and respond.  This will normally happen within 10 working days.  If you have a particular need raise the issue at this point and we will endeavour to comply with your wishes in line with Equality and Diversity legislation.  If more time is required to investigate you will be advised of the time frame.


The IQA will keep:


  • A record of any discussions held with you and/or the member of staff concerned.
  • A copy of any written or other form of evidence associated with your complaint.


Be assured that we will investigate any issue fairly and impartially.  Any judgement made will be put in writing to you and may include one or more of the following outcomes:


  • An explanation of how the investigation was carried out.
  • A description of the decision/outcome.
  • An explanation of any actions taken as a result.
  • Instruction as to what you need to do if you are unhappy with the outcome or the processes involved to reach that outcome.


A copy of any correspondence will be forwarded with any records to the Administration Manager.


2.2 Stage 2


If you remain unhappy with the outcome of your complaint you should write to the Administration Manager within 5 working days.  The Manager will arrange with the EQA to arrange for your appeal to be heard by two staff who are not involved with your training.  Your appeal will be heard within 10 working days.  All original evidence will be heard and you will be notified in writing of the outcome.


2.3 Stage 3


If you remain unhappy with the outcome or processes involved in hearing your complaint you can write to the Managing Director who will consider the evidence before raising the issue with the board of Directors.


You will hear from the Managing Director within 25 working days.  This decision will reflect the opinion of the board of Directors and is final.


You will be notified in writing of the outcome and advised that if you remain unhappy you should seek support from an Independent Arbitrator.


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